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W-What is this? 

Microneedling is a common skin resurfacing procedure done in the office that involves tiny surgical steel needles that pierce the top layer of skin to improve the quality of the skin, texture, and appearance by harnessing the normal healing process that follows skin injury and subsequently reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. To truly optimize the microneedling session the right topical nutrients need to be applied during and post-procedure. Here at Mercy Grace, we use the Ante AGE MD Microneedling solution during the procedure and the patient is sent home with the Ante AGE MD After Care System to use while healing from microneedling. The Ante Age Skin Care System can also be used in your regular skin care routine as a simple and well-rounded two step system that can be used twice daily to repair, protect and defend the skin from everything that ages us.  

H-How does it work? 

The AnteAGE Microneedling solution is a base of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, all housed within bone marrow stem cell growth factors and cytokines. Growth factors and cytokines are naturally found within the human body and will actually go into the skin during microneedling helping to amplify the message between the skin cells, instructing them to heal, regenerate, produce collagen and reduce inflammation. For the days following the microneedling treatment the Serum and Accelerator in the AnteAGE Skin Care System are used to improve healing post treatment as well as are excellent for daily use to help improve the signs of aging.  

The first step in the system is the Serum which contains powerful skincare ingredients such as growth factors and cytokines along with many other powerful water-soluble ingredients to flood the skin with the most anti-inflammatory and regenerative ingredients to prime the skin– optimizing the skin’s ability to heal, regenerate, and produce quality types of collagen. Growth factors and cytokines are the first key ingredients found in the Serum. These are harvested from bone marrow stem cells and are the body’s natural tools to heal, repair and regenerate itself. Our bodies have an abundance of these growth factors in their youth, which is why we heal so well in our younger years. As the body ages, the amount of growth factors circulating in the body declines. Now when we apply these powerful protein molecules topically, the molecules instruct skin cells to look and behave like they did in younger years promoting anti-aging. 

In addition to growth factors and cytokines the Serum also contain niacinamides otherwise known as Vitamin B3, which is a powerful coenzyme involved in hundreds of biological pathways. The first activity is to increase the production of Ceramides which protect the skin’s top layer from water being released and keeping the skin soft and supple. Another benefit of Niacinamide is the increase of collagen production. Collagen is an important protein that serves as one of the main building blocks in your skin, which is what keeps your skin from sagging. Another amazing thing about Niacinamide is that it has the ability to reduce unwanted pigment in the skin.  

When collagen molecules oxidize, this will lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Included in the Serum is Carnosine which is a unique botanical that has the ability to reduce oxidation leading to a healthier environment within the skin.  

The Serum also includes a combination of unique peptides that work similarly to growth factors and cytokines called Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. They will attach themselves to the receptors on skin cells instructing to increase collagen production, hyaluronic acid synthesis and restructure the Extracellular Matrix of the skin. The Extracellular Matrix cushions and protects the collagen and elastin in the skin.  

The final powerful ingredient in the Serum is a combination of Catechins and Flavonoids. These are botanical molecules the act as free radical neutralizers. Free radical damage increases oxidation which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Catechins and Flavonoids also have the ability to rehydrate and protect the skin from water loss. 

The second step in the system is the Accelerator, containing lipid soluble active ingredients to complement the Serum for optimal affect. The Accelerator contains growth factors, cytokines and a high dose of antioxidants housed in a base of ceramides and phospholipids to aid the skin barrier in hydration, free radical damage protection and UV damage protection. Another unique ingredient in the Accelerator is Bakuchiol, which is considered “nature’s retinol”. Although it is not structurally similar to retinol, it activates the same genes at the cellular level that retinol does without the side effects. So, it will increase collagen production and has anti-acne and anti-inflammatory benefits- all of the classic benefits of retinol, but without the irritation and sensitivity caused by retinoids.  

Additionally, the Accelerator contains a powerful antimicrobial peptide call Human Beta-Defensin 3 (HBD-3). Much like our gut, our skin has a thriving microbiome, where good bacteria resides alongside disease causing (pathogenic) microbes. HBD-3 keeps the skin’s microbiome in-check, allowing good bacteria to thrive while targeting pathogenic microbes, preventing further disease or infection to overrule the skin. Not only is HBD-3 antimicrobial but it also has anti-inflammatory properties to allow the skin to grow in a healthful way. Aiding HBD-3 in this cellular health, energy and respiration is Coenzyme Q10 (CO-Q10).  

Furthermore, the Accelerator embodies Iris Isoflavones, which are fetal hormone chemicals that allow skin cells to reduce unwanted hormone production (keeping the skin healthy). Iris Isoflavones is antioxidant coinciding in the Accelerator, with some other lipid soluble antioxidants and vitamins. The Accelerator also contains, Vitamin C, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and Grape Seed Extract, creating a well-balance portfolio of powerful skin care ingredients.  

Y – “Why” is it important for you? 

The AnteAGE MD Skincare System provides a balanced portfolio of ingredients the skin requires. This simple and easy to use system allows you to simplify your skincare routine but gives your skin all the benefits it could need. The Serum and Accelerator will increase hydration, reduce inflammation, increase collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tightening and firm skin, support the skin’s ability to protect and defend from the environment and act as a powerful antioxidant. 18 powerful ingredients supercharged by Growth Factors and Cytokines in two simple steps.