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W-hat is moisturizer? 

Moisturizer can come in serval forms like lotion, creams, balms or ointments. But they all serve a similar purpose… to help hydrate the skin. With so many different types, out there it is best to determine what your skin type is so you can pick a moisturizer that is best for you. Whether you are oily or dry, everyone should be using a moisturizer daily to help hydrate and protect the skin from environmental irritants. Keeping the skin hydrated is important for maintaining and protecting the skin barrier function. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and is the first line of defense from microbes, chemicals and allergens and regulates water loss from the body.  

H-ow does moisturizer work? 

The three common types of moisturizers are: humectants, emollients and occlusives. Most moisturizers use different combinations of these types.  

Humectants work by drawing moisture to the top layer of your skin. This is ideal for those with oily skin because they tend to be noncomedogenic and do not add any additional oil to the skin. Humectant skincare ingredients include glycerin, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.  

Emollients work by helping to smooth and repair damage on the surface of the skin. Ideal for those with normal, dry or combination skin types. Emollient skincare ingredients include ceramides, squalene and mineral oil.  

Occlusives tend to be heavier and work by creating a barrier over the skin to help trap moisture. This is ideal for those with dry, aging skin or those with skin conditions such as eczema. This would be one to avoid if you have acne prone skin because it may clog the pores and lead to breakouts. Occlusive ingredients include petroleum and beeswax.  

Y- “Why” is moisturizer important for you? 

Moisturizer helps reduce skin problems on both ends of the spectrum. Weather that be extreme dryness or oiliness. Moisturizer will help keep your skin balanced and healthy. Using moisturizer daily will help prevent aging. Even those with acne will benefit from moisturizer because actually not using moisturizer can lead to more breakouts. This is because the skin will start pumping out more oil that then can clog the pores and cause breakouts.