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W-What is this?

Medical Grade Skincare is made to target certain condition, like acne, sun damage and wrinkles. Typically, the concertation of active ingredients is stronger than what can be found over the counter and in some case even is prescription grade where it requires over sight of a physician. Because of the increase of active ingredients, the results tend to be more dramatic with medical grade skincare.

The term “medical grade skincare” is a widely used term and does not have a “true” definition. This is why it is important to do your research and speak to a trusted provider before diving into a new skincare line. What you want to look for in a medical grade skincare line, is that the skincare line is backed by clinical data to support its claims.

H-How does it work?

Great medical grade skincare lines should invest in clinical research and development to prove that the individual ingredients and their specific formulas are effective. That way you can see the biggest difference in your skin. If you’re using over the counter skin care (which is still great) but you are wanting to see a bigger different in your skin or wanting to target a certain condition. Then medical grade skincare is something worth looking into. The first step would be to speak to a skincare professional that you trust to talk about your skin concerns and what your personal goal is. That way your skincare professional can make recommendation specific to you. With all the medical and scientific jargon can be overwhelming especially with so many different options out there. But speaking to a trusted professional can make this progress less overwhelming and rather more exciting to get started on your skincare journey.

Y- Why is it important for you?

Confidence is so important, so it is important that you feel confident in your own skin. If there is something in your skin, you’re wanting to change such as, acne, sun damage or fine lines and wrinkles or whatever it is, then it is time to get started on your skincare journey. A skincare journey is in an investment but it is worth. It is important to remember especially with skincare it is a process and you will not see results overnight. But with time, consistency and the right skincare products you can see a major difference.