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Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition occurring more frequently in children but also in adults with cardinal features of dry skin and itching.  Depending on a patient’s age, ethnicity, and stage of lesions, it could be associated with redness, bumps, oozing as well as crusting involved. It can be aggravated by dry environments, emotional stress, dry skin or inadequate moisturization, and exposure to irritant solvents and detergents.

HOW is ECZEMA diagnosed? 

It is diagnosed by your healthcare provider typically following an evaluation which involves asking you questions as well as examination. Skin biopsy may be done in certain people to rule out other skin conditions. 


Skin hydration is a key component in the management of eczema. To maintain skin hydration, emollients should be applied at least twice daily and immediately after bathing and hand washing. Other modalities of treatment can be recommended by your healthcare provider. Call your healthcare provider today to talk about your skin if you are concerned about eczema