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The best part of facials is it is an opportunity to decompress and relieve stress while your skin is getting rejuvenated. But that is not the only benefit…. 

Deep Cleansing 

Getting a facial, helps remove the buildup of dirt and oil that our everyday cleanser simply cannot remove. This will help unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin healthy and glowing.  


Facials include a massage which is extremely beneficial in increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This will help decrease waste under the skin, puffiness, and fluid buildup from our lymphatic system. Also, massage helps relax your tight facial muscles and stimulate collagen which in turn will slow down the onset of wrinkles.  

Skin Detoxification  

Not only are you getting skin detoxification from the massage. Most facials include skin products rich in antioxidants that help detoxify your skin and give it a healthy boost.  

Better Absorption  

After a facial, your skin surface is plump and stimulate which will help your skin care product absorb and penetrate better into your skin.  


During a facial your aesthetician may do some extractions to help unclog your pores. With a special tool they will extract white heads and black heads leaving your skin smooth. You will notice an immediate difference in your skin once the congestion is removed. Also, now that these pores are open this will allow for deeper cleansing and better product absorption.  

Expert Advice 

During your facial your aesthetician will ask you various questions about your skin type, skin issues and what improvement you would like to see in your skin. This will allow them to offer a facial that would be the most beneficial to your skin needs. Not only that but it is important to get advice on what you should be doing at home. Your aesthetician will only be seeing you once a month that leaves 29 other days for you to do some work on improving your skin. Their expert advice can help guide you on what products would be best suited for you to use at home.  


I have to say it again because it is so important! Facials give you the opportunity to destress and relax. This is your scheduled time to focus on you! Breath, enjoy this time and rejuvenate your skin.